Whether you fancy a meal deal, pringles or a packet of mini-eggs, Tesco is your 1 stop shop. Situated 5 minutes from Merchiston you can find everything you need to get you through your busy day.


Feeling like a custom made sandwich made to perfection? Head over to Subway and grab a meal deal. Feel like something a bit more healthy? Grab a healthy salad, just don't add too much dressing!

Domino's Pizza

Where would students be without fast-food and pizza? 2 stone lighter, that's where! Domino's is the place to go if you fancy a large pizza, just don't forget to hit the gym afterwards!


There's nothing better than a delicious piping hot sausage roll to sink your teeth into. At Greggs you can find a huge variety of pastries, biscuits and cakes, whatever the weather. Just don't forget to clear up the crumbs.

Marks & Spencer

Just got your student loan and have some cash to splash? Marks and Spencer is only a 15 minute walk from our campus. Why not go grab a delicious sandwich, bottle of chardonnay or a premium box of chocolates.