General Advice:
  • Tutors will assume you have the same experience as first year and second year students
  • Lectures
  • Ask your lecturer, if you can record the audio - lecturers speak fast, and give plenty of information that you might not be able to take in.
  • Revision
  • Take notes during your lectures, these will help you out during your exam study sessions.
  • Make flashcards, they can help you remember the most challenging parts of a course.
  • Revising throughout a module will help you retain more information than doing a cram study session before your exams.
  • Study Groups
  • Share pdfs knowledge and youtube video guides between your study group, you never know when you will require help yourself.
  • Saving Work
  • Use cloud storage for your documents, this ensures that your dog can't eat your homework. - OneDrive is available free with your Napier Account, up to 1TB
  • Most Napier computers reset after every use, if you don't use the cloud, ensure that you store any important documents on your USB stick or the H Drive.
  • Flash Drive
  • Name your flash drive with a phone number or Napier ID, alternatively leave a text document titled 'LOSTREADME.txt' in the main directory.
  • Create a bootable USB stick for Linux or download Ubuntu from the university software catalog.
  • At Edinburgh Napier you will be required to back-up your written work, we do this through referencing. Throughout your time studying at Edinburgh Napier you will mostly be expected to use APA however sometimes you will be required to use other referencing standards such as Harvard or AMA. Make sure when you start a new piece of coursework that you check the coursework specification otherwise you could potentially lose out on some easy marks.

    Citing Tools

    Referencing can take a lot of time, there are many tools available online that can help create and manage your references for you. It can also help to read the staff referencing guidelines. For APA you can find it here.

    At Edinburgh Napier, it's really easy to print your documents. If you need to you can use any computer on-campus and collect your documents from one of the available printers. You can also submit your documents online via the iNapier Dashboard.

    Edinburgh Napier has over 35,000 books for you to choose from and you can borrow most items for up to 4 weeks. Whether you're looking for a good read, or need something for your studies, we've got it covered.
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